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Who Are We?

We are a combination of three websites, with three different focuses to reach a common goal. – SEidentity is focused on search engine identity. Your search engine identity is who you are. With the way things look right now and with the popularity of the internet, your search engine identity is your business card. When you hear about a company, business, book, or person the first thing you probably do is Google it to find out more information. Find out more about the importance of your search engine identity here (link)

Day to Day: Live Free – Blog created to help small business owners and start up entrepreneurs grow your business. Day to Day: Live Free covers anything from product creation, social media marketing, search engine optimization, and of course, content creation. – Personal blog of the founder of SEidentity, Matt Sodoma. Covers a wide variety of material from creating power routines, being efficient, fitness, psychology, business start up tips, animals, and technology reviews.

What is our goal?

To help people and businesses realize the importance of the internet and their search engine identity in a globalizing economy by sharing them how we have done it.

How are we doing it?

As Chris Brogan the CEO of Human Business Works says, just being you creates sales.

We help small businesses identify who they are. Often, businesses need to step back and look at the big picture. Their actions need to match up with their goals. In a globalized and corporate world, you will have more success being personal with customers as opposed to being automated. That is your advantage over the major corporations. Use it.

Most importantly, we help people and businesses do the things they love and make sure that is the information they are conveying to people through their search engine identity. Cut out the bad publicity and connect on a personal level with your customers. Start by creating your search identity today.

- Matthew Sodoma

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