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Matt Sodoma’s rating: 9.5/10 (Recommended for quality service)


Cyber Power PC – I do not have any affiliation and do not receive any commission from Cyber Power PC.  But I still recommend their computers.

As any computer whiz knows, building your PC is the best option.  You can typically build a computer with individual parts for cheaper than you can buy the package deal.  Why is this?  Because when you buy the PC through a brand, you pay for the professional wiring, setup, installations, shipping, etc.

When I purchased my computer, I knew I wanted a custom-built PC, but I did not want to do the wiring or work to build it myself.  That’s when I came to Cyber Power PC.  I could custom-build my PC the way I wanted and their prices were extremely reasonable.  Cyber Power PC was far cheaper to custom-build than if I were building the same computer with the major brands at the time.

The best part about Cyber Power PC  is that they offer lifetime service.  Not only that, but every time I needed assistance with my computer or have had hardware issues.  They were able to pinpoint it through a simple phone call and instructing me to do some simple diagnostic tests.

Unlike some of the major brands today or the awful Geek Squad at Best Buy, you do not have to pay for their service.  You did that when you bought the computer.  If you cannot figure it out over the phone, then worst-case scenario is you mail it in, they fix it and mail it back to you.

I highly recommend Cyber Power PC to anyone purchasing a computer whether it is a gaming computer, personal computer, or business computer.  You will not find better customization at a cheaper price.

-      Matthew Sodoma

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