Genesis Framework

Matt Sodoma’s rating: 10/10 (Recommended for any site)

The Genesis Framework offers numerous professional looking child themes that are easy to use and use proper search engine optimization techniques (SEO).  And that is not a sales pitch, that is coming from a customer.

There are several child themes that are offered with the Genesis framework, you can find more of these child themes here (link.  I currently run all three of my websites on the Genesis framework; please check out my websites at, Just Starting – Matthew Sodoma, and Day to Day: Live Free.

Even if you decide that you want to design your own site, you should use the Genesis Framework to help ensure that your website is optimized on search engines.  If you do not want to design the website yourself, then I highly recommend one of the StudioPress Enterprise Child Themes.  I use Enterprise. If you want to build a trustable website that looks professional and has good SEO rankings then Genesis is for you.

One of the nifty features of Genesis is that you do not need to worry about security as much as you normally would with WordPress.  They offer regular updates to the Genesis framework in order to keep your website secure.  I highly recommend the Genesis Framework and the Genesis child themes to anyone that is starting a business, blog, or building a website.

Find out more about the StudioPress Enterprise Child Theme

If you want to know more, please see the FAQs, resources, and tutorials about what the Genesis Framework and child themes can do at

-      Matthew Sodoma

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