Just Starting – 50 Things I want To Do

Just Starting – What are you starting?
How do you come up with the simple daily tasks that you can do to better yourself?  Complete this simple lifestyle happiness exercise.  This is an important exercise to do in order to figure out what you are going to start and why you are going to start it.  The exercise is to create a list of 50 things that you already like to do or would like to do. 
You’ll probably have issues getting to a list of 50 because you’ve realized all you do is go to work and come home…day after day.  Really think about what you like or could do if you weren’t working.
50 things I like to do/would like to do:
1.   Snowmobiling trip in the mountains
2.   Downhill skiing in the mountains
3.   Week-long golfing trip with friends
4.   Bike 200 miles in one trip
5.   Run a major marathon (Milwaukee?)
6.   Travel to Hawaii
7.   Visit another country for over 1 month
8.   Learn in another country (take a class)
9.   Speak at least 4 languages (German, Spanish, English, Mandarin)
10.                Visit New Orleans
11.                Visit the Himalayas
12.                Visit Dubai
13.                Go to Greenland
14.                Visit Australia/New Zealand
15.                Take Sarah to Fiji
16.                Climb Mt. Everest
17.                Scuba dive
18.                Go deep sea fishing
19.                Sky dive
20.                Mountain biking in Moab, Utah or the Grand Canyon
21.                Watch the Superbowl…live
22.                Go into space
23.                Study space
24.                Visit North Korea
25.                Visit Fuju Island
26.                Travel to Alaska
27.                Experience the Northern lights
28.                Visit ancients ruins like Machu Picchu
29.                Help tribal people for an extended period of time
30.                African Safari
31.                Visit Timbuktu
32.                Own a plan and learn to fly it
33.                Study animals in the Galapagos
34.                Visit Germany’s castles
35.                Help create a video game
36.                Travel to India
37.                Ride an elephant
38.                Study UFOs
39.                Live in the desert for an extended period
40.                Camp in Yellowstone
41.                Help other people realize there are better things to do then sit on their ass and watch tv/eat/work/play video games
42.                Help less fortunate and other countries realize there is more out there
43.                Have a fun, loving family
44.                Run in the Running of the Bulls in Spain
45.                Tour the Pyramids of Giza
46.                Go to Niagara Falls
47.                Become independent of the system. (don’t buy food, don’t buy water, don’t buy electricity, don’t pay rent or a house loan)
48.                Learn how to build electronics and how the hardware works
49.                Learn to cook Asian food
50.                Grow all my own food
51.                Learn carpentry/how to build
52.                Use all solar power
53.                See a large group of whales (Belugas can travel in groups of up to 1000)
Now make it happen.  Set small daily tasks to accomplish your 50.  See my current daily tasks here http://www.daytodaylivefree.com/
-      Matthew Sodoma

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