Just Starting – P90x2 (week 1 complete)

Anything is better than nothing
3 essentials to becoming healthy are standardizing your diet, supplementation, and workouts.  The focus today, is to standardize your exercise routine.  Here is how I do it and why it works for me.
1.   I follow a detailed, full body workout routine that is already made, and proven to show results – P90x2.  Too often, people get caught up in the planning process.  For 99% of us, you do not need to customize a workout to your needs.  Stop trying to reinvent the wheel while putting off your health.  Just pick a proven routine that someone else has already created and just get started!  If you get tired of it, pick a different workout routine.
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2.   I workout in the morning in order to create a routine.  Ideally, I would want to workout in the 4-6pm time range to be in line with my circadian rhythms, but I just can’t keep a normal routine at that time frame.  You may be able to.  It is difficult for me to get done with work and then want to work out.  Also, I tend to think about the workout too much and dread it all day at work.  Consequently, I often find excuses to not do it or conflicts randomly come up!
3.   I find little tasks that I can do in order to combine physical and mental tasks.  Sitting at work hour after hour?  Try using a standing station or a stability ball.  Both are core engaging and are night and day better than sitting for 8 hours.  What are you doing on your breaks?  Go for a 15-minute walk.  I have 2 breaks and half of my lunch which totals about 45 minutes of walking and I get a little over 3 miles in every day.  You have time, just find the time and get started.
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My thoughts on P90X2
After 1 week, I have enjoyed p90X2 and can tell that they listened to their customers after p90X.  Tony is still Tony, there is nothing you can do about that, he’s going to be himself and you are going to have to deal with it.  So far, he’s funny and the humor helps me keep going.
Good improvements
1.   Shorter workouts – more time stretching and warming up.  The total workout time is short and the actual “workout” is shorter with higher intensity.
2.   Foam roller – absolutely amazing.  Make sure you get one of these and you’ll feel way better.
3.   Stability ball – difficult but effective.  Clearly, balance is important to any athlete but something that is often neglected.  If you can’t apply your strength, then you might as well not have it.
Bad changes
1.   Minimal lifting in phase 1 – I understand their theory, but I’m going to miss lifting.  I know we all need the core and balance of phase 1, but it’s going to be tough not lifting for 3-6 weeks and maintain the routine.
2.   More equipment – if you want the most out of your workouts, youre going to buy the equipment.  Foam rollers, stability balls, medicine balls (up to 4+), plyo box, pull-up bars, weights, etc.  I thought I had everything I needed before I started p90x2, since I’ve bought a foam roller, another medicine ball (possibly even another 2 medicine balls), and an additional stability ball.
-      Matthew Sodoma


  1. Johnparkers says:

    yes maintaining a regular schedule is very important for having a fit body. And P90X2 is the best package one can have. you dont need to buy anything extra if you have a p90x2.


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