Just Starting – Standardize Your Routine to Healthiness

Become consciously aware of your body
Take a look at yourself, are you as fit as you want to be?  Do you wish you were skinnier, healthier, more active, and could walk up the stairs to your apartment without being out of breath?
If you’re reading this then about 80% of the time your answer will be Yes!  The good news is, it only takes 3 simple choices:
1.   Diet (most important)
2.   Proper supplementation (vitamins, nutrients, hormone balancing)
3.   Exercise
Each person is different.  We each need a unique percentage of the above 3 choices.  Some people can eat healthy enough in their diet where they only need to take vitamin supplements, and their daily tasks are enough exercise.  Others will not do so well on the diet, making trips to the fridge at midnight to throw down 3 cheeseburgers and a chocolate milkshake. 
The majority of the “consciously aware” will eat relatively well, take vitamins on occasion, and struggle to maintain a workout routine.  Our goal is to standardize these three critical tasks as much as possible.  How is the question? 
Standardize your healthy routine
For me, I can do well on my diet and supplementation as long as my workout routine stays consistent.  As soon as my workout routine gets off, my diet suffers, and my supplementation is non-existent.  There’s some underlying Psychology here, why would I want to eat like crap if I’m working out to become more fit?  It wouldn’t make any sense and would be self-destructive.  Unfortunately, when the routine breaks, it’s oh well; I’ll just eat this cheesecake and that pizza, then start again next Monday. Unacceptable. 
Become consciously aware
The important detail to note is becoming consciously aware of all 3 critical aspects.  If you fail at your diet, keep your supplementation and your exercise going until you recover on Monday – you’ll minimize the damage.  Using this logic, if your supplementation fails, then keep your diet and exercise going – however, this is just plain lazy.  If you’re doing everything else right, how hard is it to take a vitamin in the morning and at night and adding a protein shake or two?  Lastly, if you’re not exercising, you best be eating healthy with a lot of protein and keeping your supplementation in-line.
Find out more on standardizing your diet at Just Starting – Have you started yet?
Proper supplementation __
How I maintain my exercise routine ___
-      Matthew Sodoma


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