Just Starting – The Key to Everything

Most people never begin a project, weight loss program, business, or whatever their activity, because of one problem…They forget to start.  Starting is the hardest obstacle to overcome and obviously the most important.  Unfortunately for all of us, even if you do get started, quitting is the easier than starting.

Everything you do, you must start.  There are 3 steps to the starting process (IPE):
1.   Idea
2.   Planning the process
3.   Executing the process
Most of us get stuck in the planning process because we feel we need to account for all variables and have a perfect plan in place.  The fact of the matter is, you don’t know what is going to happen until you start it.  You can’t plan for every variable.  Stop wasting all of your time planning and start doing.
Moral of the story

Stop planning and start executing.  If you’re starting a business, use the ship, ship fix, ship, ship, fix approach versus the fix, fix, fix, ship, fix, fix, ship approach.

What am I starting?
A New Life
A life where I’m a do’er not a planner.  Why do I know so much about starting things?  Because, like you, I spend most of my time planning.  Not anymore, now I’m doing.
Learning Mandarin
Why?  The world is changing quickly and the Chinese are thriving.  One way or another, if you are a business owner you are likely going to work with the Chinese in the future.  Whether it is directly or indirectly through the supply chain, they will be involved.  I prefer to leave my fate in my own hands as opposed to trusting they will have learned English.
Search Engine Optimization Business – no business name yet
There is no doubt that the internet plays a vital role in business and will even more so in the future.  To get recognized and get customers, you need search engine optimization.  This is self-explanatory.
Fitness program – p90x2
P90x2.  Starting p90x over again, but doing the new and improved p90x2.  It seems to be more in depth, not as repetitive, and more realistic with the 2 days per week off/stretching.  Not to mention, I will be doing it in the mornings in order to make it more of a routine.  Too many things can come up after work to get in the way.
Just Starting Blog – http://www.matthewsodoma.com
My personal blog, not originally designed to be about starting, but was originally just a test blog.  Returned good results on google search engine optimization, so why not call it just starting?
Day to Day: Live Free – http://www.daytodaylivefree.com
Day to day: Live Free is a blog I created to focus on the business and money-making aspects in my life.  Tips, tricks, and step-by-steps to becoming successful, creating an automated income, and living free of “the system”.  Tasks you can do and repeat in order to further your business or personal endeavors.
Online Golf Encyclopedia – http://www.onlinegolfencyclopedia.com
Online Golf Encyclopedia is a website where golfers can write their own how-to articles, lessons, and tips.  Ideally it would be a collection of information that is available for free to browsers.
What are you starting?
Do you have any goals? What are you doing with your free time? Are you letting your life slip-by?  What are you starting and when are you starting it?

 - Matthew Sodoma


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