P90x and P90x2

Matt Sodoma’s rating: 10/10 and 10/10 (Highly recommended to everyone and any fitness level)

              P90x                        P90x2

P90X and P90x2 are high-end, full-body, 90-day workout routines, that will improve your athletic performance. You will do everything from Plyometrics, to squats, to curls and covering all of the major and most of the minor muscle groups.

I started out with p90x in August, 2010 and completed the 90 days.  Since then, I have done P90x and Insanity off and on while mixing in some other random workouts.  Needless to say, I strayed from the path and needed something to get me back on track.  P90x2 was the answer.

Similar to P90x, I highly recommend P90x2 to everyone that is motivated enough to stick with their workout for 90+ days.  There are variations demonstrated that you can do just about any of the moves, regardless of your physical condition.

In my opinion, P90X2 is more difficult than P90X.  If you are just starting out with your physical fitness routine, then you may want to try P90X first.  In P90X2 there are more balance moves using stability balls, medicine balls, and one legged moves.  Obviously you can make variations to every move and there are simpler options available, but it is always discouraging to not be able to do what Tony and the kids are doing.

One great improvement they made to P90x2, was that they changed up the phases so you are not focusing on the same type of fitness throughout the entire 90 days.  In the original P90X, there was “muscle confusion” by rotating workout routines, but in P90X2 you will actually change workouts in Phase 2 and 3.

If you are starting out, do P90X.  If you are looking for something new, are in good physical condition, and looking for the extra push then do P90X2

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-      Matthew Sodoma

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